Animation Scripts

2D Animation: from the creative talents of Beena Parikh

Beena Parikh's cartoon animation has appeared on Pogo and the Cartoon Network. Samples of her artwork and animation can be seen on her website. Google P66.  For sample cartoon by Beena, please contact   

BAM BAM--Feature Length Animation Script

Yes, they've found the fastest runner in the world. He's been seen outrunning a lion in Africa. Now he's coming to America, sponsored bya big athletic shoe company--and he's going to run for the USA Olympic team. Just one problem, but for young BAM BAM, the jungle teaches you to improvise. Lovable characters for animation or live.  

2D Animation



A Snowbird Jones mystery-Follow Snowbird and her detective buddies, as they search for a serial killer with a bizarre motivation. The first of a three book series, already written and in need of a publisher. VANISHED is also under consideration as a TV mini-series, increasing its book sales potential. Two sequels already completed.


Whether you believe in reincarnation, or simply `gene memory', imagine what it would be like to suddenly remember being murdered as another person-and the killer was still alive-and near you. This is the premise of the Elroy Schwartz novel THE SEVENTH SENSE. Available for either publication as a book or conversion to a film script, this is an eerie story of dejavu from a frightening perspective.

Movie Scripts


      (Disaster story/PG)     Written with Harry Connick, Jr. and Betty White in mind.  When the big 8.6 finally strikes LA, the collapsing hotel buries the lower level that houses the last piano bar in the city.  The piano bar patrons will each get one final song request and will flash back to a pivotal moment in their lives.  Great old musical standards and on-going suspense as the falling debris continues to threaten the piano area.  Limited SFX, with a surprise ending.


(Horror/PG): This one location story finds a group of young people invading a widow's mansion expecting to find much to steal. A psychological battle of wits turns into the bizarre killing of each of the invaders. Death lurks in several corners of this old house-fed by the sick mind of its owner.


   Somewhere in every family tree, there are a few 'skeletons'. But what if underneath the skeletons/family secrets, there existed a fabulous treasure.  To go digging, it will take courage and some bizarre detective work.  Suspenseful in parts.


In the Utah Terriroty in the mid-1880s, a young Rainmaker incurs the wrath of a local sheriff; escapes during his trial; discovers a cave full of gold nuggets left behind by the Spanish; begins a bizarre relationship with twin girls, who were separated at birth; and forms a partnership with an enterprising banker. Action, romance, good guys, bad guys, lots of twists and turns and--GOLD.


In most every high school there is an extremely shy student; unable to hold even 'one on one' conversations. But what if all that could be changed with one daily capsule--and the 'oh so fun', talented and gregarious persona inside is at last released. Then imagine the despair when the personality altering capsules are taken away forever.

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN--The American Rebellion

       It is a time in the very near future, when all military technologies are controlled by the United Nations.  An American industrialist refuses to turn over three new technologies that have military applications.  He and his family take refuge in a mountain top facility, protected by the three technolgoies.  The facility is attacked by UN Security Forces.  Bizarre battles ensue as the U.S. government decides to side with the Industrialist. Surprise double ending sets up possible sequel.


The first manned mission to Mars loses contact with Earth shortly after a crashed landing. The apparent lone survivior must mentally battle invisible entities; will discover some of the the planet's secrets; search for his crew mates; and somehow establish contact with mission headquarters. His identical twin brother on Earth is his one hope for survival.  


In research labs in several countries, gene splitting activities continue the search of a more perfect or specifically gened human, animal or combination. Trial and error, similar to the classic horror story THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, continues to create grotesque accidents/mistakes. The inclusion of real life gene splitting accident photos will stay in the mind of the audience to ensure word of mouth promotion. Has science gone too far? What might be on the mind of these helpless creatures.


A company of soldiers serving overseas is transferred back to America to assist the Dept. of Homeland Security in confiscating rifles in rural South Carolina. Local citizens resist, compromising both local law enforcement and the army personnel. Intense, emotional and believable story. The President has already promised to make this story a reality in his final year in office.


BLACK ON WHITE is a fictionalized version of actual events. In August,1970, an all black high school is shut down, to reopen in September as fully integrated. Racial prejudice is soon infesting both the football team and the student body. What can possibly bring the two sides together? This is that story, including one of the most shocking scenes ever to be put in front of a theatrical audience.


Mark and Emily, once engaged at age 20, discover a third person caused their breakup, eighteen years ago. Both are in loveless marriages. Still completely in love, they decide to restart their lives as it was prior to their breakup. They will take the honeymoon trip originally planned, to confirm they can start over. A deadly secret awaits their return.

Music For Motion Pictures and Television

Television Pilots


      The ice at the North Pole has melted.  The South Pole ice is rapidly disappearing, causing a weight inbalance at the Poles and world-wide earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Three groups of people will seek escape from this ultimate environmental disaster, while a fourth group will accept its inevability.

Television Game Shows

Produced Works

TWO MEN IN DALLAS--What you didn't know about the JFK assassination.

Rare vintage 55 minute documentary never allowed on television. Contains classified material revealing many documents and testimony from the FBI, CIA and Dallas law enforcement.